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Agricultural mechanization is well-off road "engine"

product-ed-a7-a9-c988e5b573da3072fb05d90c73The process of economic and social development, but also the production process with a number of resource reallocation. Most of the current young human transfer to coastal cities in rural areas, rural farmers aging, younger age increasingly become a prominent issue. Children and senior citizens in rural areas is clearly not farming, the production of objects, so a lot of barren land. Many places from the previous double cropping of rice into a season, or even do not want to kind of season, some of the work out of the family will leave the field free or subsidizing some of the costs, give others farming, but still not many people willing to take over, mainly the shortage of labor and labor meager income. So today's prosperity and development in the city, the rural community is increasingly dying out, which is clearly in front of decision-makers of a problem.

In the context of this reality, the agricultural mechanization of concern, not only it can solve the problem of labor shortage in rural areas, and can greatly improve production efficiency and achieve huge profits. In a way, how the efficient operation of agricultural mechanization, will be the focus of rural economic development, a direct impact on the completion of a comprehensive well-off society in rural areas. Oolong reported cases Cao large farming community Liuyang City, Hunan Province, is no longer a separate case. From this case, we can clearly recognize that the rural community will be very promising, although news hero Cao Lei, white-collar workers in the metropolis for three years when the harvest of modern thinking and vision of the market, but revenue also "white collar"; but he Rural farm open for three years, but really married, and "bought Accord, Audi plans to be replaced." This comparison shows a strong opportunity for farmers to improve agricultural mechanization to bring development and living standards.

In other words, the vast rural areas to build a comprehensive well-off society, we must change agricultural development, scientific and effective adjustment of the agricultural structure, and to cultivate a new type of agricultural business entities. This requires mechanical support rural communities, high-end, diversified, individualized and other "four modernizations", continue to liberate and enhance productivity. Exactly that in this "four modernizations" certainly also requires government departments must do something in the early and leading role in the formation of the others. Financial support for efforts to increase policy nature is necessary, and the "farm mutual insurance guarantee security worries" is one of the key rural promoting agricultural mechanization. After all, as groups of farmers, their ability to resist risks there are insufficient natural barrier, and mechanization is capital intensive as the main feature of the economic operation mode. From news reports, we see that in 2013 founded the Hunan Provincial Agricultural Bureau agricultural safety mutual insurance, so that the general agricultural hand through mutual aid, to achieve some loss supplement, hurt medical care, death has lost, to fill commercial Insurance in the blank area of the countryside. This is clearly a step forward in the security, benefit "greatly improve the ability of agricultural hand to withstand the risk of farm accidents."

In addition, as powerful forces that support agricultural mechanization, agricultural enterprises of space science and technology into profits, not only directly determines the agricultural enterprises of their own development, but also affect rural mechanization efforts to promote sustainable development. This requires a certain market makers have the wisdom to make full use of market thinking and means to develop agricultural enterprises, the integration of technology and capital, to really push this decision fully completed the industrial development of rural social prosperity. Despite the mechanization of agriculture, this is only for the full completion of "well-off society" is one aspect, but economic development perspective, but with as "engine" as an important feature, which must not be ignored.

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